Indoor Mapping Interview

Indoor mapping: Woosmap offers location-based navigation experiences i...

Interview with Jean-Thomas Rouzin, co-founder and CEO of Woosmap, the European leader in location-based [...]

Woosmap Payment Solutions

Upgrading customer experience for payment solutions with Woosmap

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift towards business digitisation, particularly within the [...]

new visual identity of Woosmap

Web Geo Services unveils the new visual identity of Woosmap, the geolo...

Eight years after its launch and to support its development, Woosmap, the SaaS geolocation platform for [...]

Woosmap Geofencing

Enhance your customer experience with geofencing 2.0

The number of searches for local shops on smartphones has increased 30-fold over the past ten years and [...]

Manyfold Searches with Woosmap MultiSearch

Woosmap Multisearch JS Library helps you integrate alocation search box as effectively as possible and [...]

Woosmap Geofencing SDK

Introducing Woosmap Geofencing SDK

The Woosmap Geofencing SDK is a mobile cross-platform software development kit focused on gathering eff [...]


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