Make The Woosmap Store Locator Widget Your Very Own

November 15, 2017 on changelog

New Woosmap Search Widget

The Woosmap Store Locator Widget allows a new level of personalisation. You can now fully customise the rendering of your asset data on the side panel. When a user clicks a marker or search for stores near a place, the listener functions gets the data for the returned location(s), and features HTML to display the location’s information. Here are some ideas that you could implement to make the Woosmap Store Locator Widget your own and create additional value for your customers.


An Update on Usage Metrics

June 22, 2017 on changelog

Woosmap Console Updated

Today we’re updating our usage metrics to give our partners and the industry more clarity and confidence about the insights we provide. We know that having access to reliable metrics is important to all of partners who use our services to grow their businesses. As our products evolve to meet the needs of the people and businesses that use them, our metrics will also evolve. Our goal is to communicate more regularly about our metrics updates, so that our partners can focus on doing what they do best — serving their customers — with the best insights possible.


Introducing The New Javascript API 1.3: Improved Interactivity and Customization

May 04, 2017 on changelog

New release of Woosmap Javascript API 1.3

At Woosmap, we’re always improving our products based on your feedback. We would like developers and users of Woosmap to benefit from these latest updates. Today, the Woosmap developers team has released a new version of the Woosmap Javascript API (1.3).


Woosmap Data API: Search and Filter your Stores

December 15, 2016 on changelog

Retrieving data with Woosmap API

The Woosmap DevTeam has released the Search API. It’s designed to help your users find the one store they’re looking for (or maybe the few stores they’re looking for). You can use RESTful requests directly from Client and Backend development to perform quick and easy spatial and attributes searches on your locations. Results are retrieved in GeoJSON standard format for easier integration. Typical user requirements could be to search for the nearby locations from a geocoded address or to filter a list of points of sales by available facilities.


Woosmap Data API now open for backend development

July 12, 2016 on changelog

jsfiddle samples on woosmap documentation

The Woosmap Data API enables you to develop websites and applications to retrieve and display search results from your locations data programmatically. With this API, you can use RESTful requests from backend development to get woosmap location search results in JSON format. A typical usage could be, as described in the above schema, to retrieve the nearby locations from a known web user and then request a service that fetches the product availability for each store.


Javascript Samples on Woosmap developers documentation hosted on JSFiddle

July 06, 2016 on changelog

jsfiddle samples on woosmap documentation

On Woosmap documentation for developers you can find a lot of samples to understand how to use each part of our Javascript API. Under this section we now use JSFiddle, an online code playground that provides a customized environment (based on user selections) to test (or fiddle with) your JavaScript, HTML, and CSS code right inside your browser. Each JSFiddle sample uses code hosted on GitHub on our Woosmap organisation.