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Welcome to the new Woosmap documentation


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Implementing Woosmap quickly and effortlessly is one of our top priorities. We have been working on a new user experience for our developers’ documentation. There are still many things that we want to build into this dev docs in the not-too-far-off future. But we believe this will already make learning about and building on top of Woosmap a much better experience.

We heard you!

Based upon developers feedbacks, we realized that our users couldn’t easily understand what Woosmap was offering and what it meant to implement Woosmap products when landing on our documentation.

We were addressing all our audiences in the same way. We felt we could improve content organization to address both a non-technical and technical audience as well as handling the different skills or experience developers can have.

It often led to a deceptive experience where people couldn’t find the content they should have easy access to.

What has changed?

You can now browse the documentation across multiple guides from your needs and requirements. For example, building a Store Locator with Woosmap could be achieved in two ways: using the off-the shelf Woosmap Store Locator Widget or building your own with Woosmap Javascript API. There is now a dedicated guide section to choose between the two that could’nt be so easily understood before.

We’ve revamped the look and feel focusing on readability. Elements adjust as you’d expect to provide a good reading experience, even on low-resolution screens.

Finding convenient information is one of the most important parts of a good documentation. We’ve reworked the search functionality to help you to find what you’re looking for. Search results are now grouped by guides and products and enable you to find methods or parameters right inside API References.

What’s next?

Work on the documentation will be an ongoing process and we already have plans for the near future:

  • Make your Woosmap account available to customize showcases and demos with your projects
  • Detailed schemas and further improving in guides
  • Enhanced code samples
  • Collecting user feedback

And more!

If you have any questions about the content, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through the documentation contact page. We are always interested in your suggestions and always available to satisfy you.


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