Product Locator: 7 reasons why every business needs it

Product Locator : 7 raisons de l’adopter dans son business

Locator: the must-have geolocation tool for growing your business

*Ding* Uber Eats: Your delivery driver is heading your way. A smile forms. *Ding* Decathlon: Your order [...]

Locator : l’outil indispensable à la croissance de votre business

*Ding* Uber Eats : Votre livreur est en chemin. Un premier sourire est esquissé. *Ding* Decathlon : vot [...]

Distance API: a tutorial video to get started!

Distance API will give you the walking, driving, and cycling distance and path to access the destinatio [...]

Improve the checkout experience: 5 good practices for smooth retail

Remember the time when consumers’ checkout experience was an afterthought because retailers had to focu [...]


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