Product Locator: 7 reasons why every business needs it

Geolocation for Retail business: a Woosmap Talks with Sara Zanocchio

Geolocation for retail business means more than just maps and directions. Today, geolocalisation is a p [...]

Improve the checkout experience: 5 good practices for smooth retail

Remember the time when consumers’ checkout experience was an afterthought because retailers had to focu [...]

Manyfold Searches with Woosmap MultiSearch

Woosmap Multisearch JS Library helps you integrate alocation search box as effectively as possible and [...]

Woosmap Geofencing SDK

Why Should You Use Woosmap Geofencing SDK?

The Woosmap Geofencing SDK is a mobile cross-platform software development kit focused on efficiently g [...]

Community Projects by Woosmap

Woosmap Team supports social community projects

The worldwide outbreak of Covid-19 has impacted people’s daily life in an unprecedented way, making the [...]


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