new visual identity of Woosmap

Eight years after its launch and to support its development, Woosmap, the SaaS geolocation platform for businesses which is published by Web Geo Services, has a new logo, a new visual identity and a new website. 

Created in 2014 and published by Web Geo Services, the Woosmap platform helps developers to integrate location-based services into their mobile applications and websites, with usage rights designed for businesses, all without collecting users’ personal data.

Chosen by over 150 companies on every continent around the world, Woosmap makes it possible for companies to use location-based services which are particularly popular with their clients and to provide customer journeys which increase conversion rates and optimise the logistics of the digital experience. Woosmap’s APIs are the most affordable and powerful APIs on the market. They are the most comprehensive offering for businesses of all sizes, from e-commerce platforms which process thousands of orders per hour to start-ups which will revolutionise their markets.

Geolocation is a building block which can be added to websites and mobile applications. Inspired by developers, the primary users of our platform, we create geolocation building blocks which are easy to integrate into their projects. This technological building block is a defining feature of Woosmap’s new logo. The angular shape and the way in which the colours are presented are reminiscent of pixel art and, more broadly, technology and the digital world. The choice of colours and their layout evoke the ideas of games and simplicity, like Lego®. The red and blue colours are inspired by cartography, playing on the ideas of land and sea, while the dark-to-light gradients evoke the different depths and heights of landforms.




With this new logo, Woosmap wants to develop a closer relationship with its users and clients. This is reflected in the launch of a new website and a new console: both feature this new visual identity, designed to provide an improved user experience. The console has been entirely redesigned to provide an interface which is more user-friendly and easier to use, whether exploring new features or managing and monitoring its use. 

About Web Geo Services 

Founded in 2009, Web Geo Services has become an essential partner for players in retail, e-commerce, fintech, insurance, transport, logistics, tourism and hospitality. The company, which is based in Montpellier, publishes the geolocation platform Woosmap. The platform offers a unique combination of APIs and geographic search solutions, without collecting personal data.

Web Geo Services features in the Top 500 of 2022 French Growth Champions by Les Échos, a daily financial newspaper and also is a winner of the FrenchTech Next 40/120 program, 2022 edition, a support program dedicated to French late-stage start-ups.

The Montpellier-based company was also one of the winning hyper-growth companies of the French Tech Pass programme in 2016-2017.


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