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The worldwide outbreak of Covid-19 has impacted people’s daily life in an unprecedented way, making them equally vulnerable to the fear and the risk of getting contaminated. Fortunately, constraints create innovation and humans proved themselves extremely resourceful and united to fight this terrible disease. In the context of the lockdown, Location Intelligence could reveal its finest role, putting its endless possibilities to community service and bringing people closer - virtually this time, to their points of interest.
A great showcase of this fact is Vicino e securo, a community project on which we have closely collaborated with our Italian customer from Benetton, Daniele Sghedoni. Its goal is to support citizens and local merchants buying and selling goods while lockdown measures are enabled.

Vicino by Woosmap

Thanks to a beautifully designed interactive map people can check and order goods and products from the merchants that offer home delivery or click & collect in their neighbourhood: groceries, restaurants, bakery, etc. On the other hand, merchants can pinpoint their services on the map, by simply registering on the website’s form. This while staying home, staying safe.

ProxisurThe project went viral in a couple of weeks so a French version, called ProxiSur, followed by an English version called NearbyAndSafe was deployed for other European countries like France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Netherlands.

Similar fashion was applied: connecting neighbourhood merchants to their customers in a totally safe way! With thousands web visitors daily, the project could brighten up citizens’ Easter holidays. People were still able to enjoy their favorite chocolates and pastries, ordering them around the corner, and avoiding contamination risks.

Woosmap Store Locator Widget is fast to deploy, offers a great fast display and can also display tens of thousands points of interest! Endless possibilities are out there to display your data and customize it according to your needs, making it more suitable to your cause! Our Woosmap Team will be happy to help you out and will put all our resources at your disposal! In addition, we are offering free credits for supporting your initiative!

Location Intelligence offers everyone a better future in these uncertain conditions and opens up plenty of opportunities to back up each other. Let’s power it up!


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